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CENT-authorCentral Palm had the pleasure of having a published author visit with our Kindergarten, First, and Second Grade classes. Kentrell Martin is an award-winning author of Shelly’s Outdoor Adventure and Shelly Goes to the Zoo. Both stories offer unique and fun-filled educational resources that incorporate American Sign Language while telling a story. Mr. Martin learned how to sign when he was very young so he could communicate with his older brother who was deaf. Mr. Martin began his presentation by asking the children who liked to write and draw and went on to explain how anyone can be a writer or illustrator. The author then went on to explain how American Sign Language is another way for people to communicate. While the author read each story he taught the children the different signs that were presented in the book. While he read, Mr. Martin kept students engaged by asking comprehension questions and reviewing the signs that were taught while he read the stories. He ended his visit by teaching children how to sign each letter of the alphabet and then signing the alphabet while we sang the alphabet song. A great time was had by all! Interested in learning how Mr. Martin can come and visit your school? You can contact Mrs. Morales at