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What is an Academy?

An Academy is a school-within-a-school that connects core academic subjects with a particular career field. An Academy offers a career path sequence that prepares students to achieve high academic standards and superior work skills. The Academies of Pre-Engineering, Pre-Business, and Health & General Medicine at Renaissance Charter School at Central Palm provide qualified students with a curriculum of academic rigor, integrated with hands-on experiences in preparation for future endeavors in high school and college.

Pre-Engineering Academy

  • Features project-based curriculum designed to challenge and engage the natural curiosity and imagination of middle school students
  • Industry certified in Word, PowerPoint, & Excel
  • Student envision, design and test their ideas with advanced real workplace software.
  • Rollercoaster engineering connects Physics with real-world applications

Pre-Business Academy

  • Learn & develop communication skills in a variety of formats and contexts
  • Use of technology and current software programs to link business curriculum to real-world applications
  • Understanding professional & ethical responsibilities in society
  • Developing leadership skills

Health & General Medicine Academy

  • Core academic courses lined to health care and general medicine
  • Integrated courses that eliminate the compartmentalization of subject areas and helps students make connections between courses and real life
  • Accelerated, Honors and regular courses
  • Work study program with mandatory volunteer experience required
  • Earn CPR & AED certification from the American Heart Association

Admission Requirements for Academy Students:

  • Minimum ‘C’ Average
  • FSA Reading Level 2 or higher for Health & General Medicine and Pre-Engineering Academies
  • FSA Reading Level 1 or higher for Pre-Business Academy
  • Satisfactory Teacher Recommendations
  • Writing Sample
  • Exemplary Attendance & Discipline Records

Benefits of being an Academy Student

  • Industry Certifications offered in Microsoft Office Programs (Word, PPT, & Excel)
  • National Honor Society
  • Cambridge & High School Credits
  • Leadership & Teamwork Training
  • Child & Adult CPR & AED Certified in Health and General Medicine Academy
  • General Medicine Work Study
  • Guest Speakers & Field Trips
  • Rollercoaster Engineering utilizing real workplace software
  • Strong emphasis on research
  • Cross curriculum integration of topics